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Local & State Support Groups
Brandywine Valley Home Education Resource Organization (BVHERO)
BVHERO is an inclusive homeschooling group, open to all, regardless of educational philosophy or religious beliefs. Families in the group live in Northern Delaware and Southeast Pennsylvania. Offers homeschooling information nights, parents' meetings, field trips, park days, children's activities, and more.
Delaware Home Education Association (DHEA)
DHEA is a non-profit, all volunteer association of Delaware homeschoolers. Promotes homeschooling in the state of Delaware to maintain the least restrictive environment in which to homeschool. Also interacts with the Legislature and Department of Education on homeschooling issues, and provides information to homeschoolers in Delaware so that they can interact with their elected representatives on homeschooling issues.
Fun Homeschooling
Fun Homeschooling is a homeschooling support group in Upper Sussex County.
Homeschooling Delmarva
Homeschooling Delmarva serves homeschoolers in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia's Eastern Shore, sharing homeschool information, events, resources, and general support.
Kings Kids Academy
Kings Kids Academy is a Christian homeschool organization composed of home educators devoted to teaching their children in a Christian enviroment. Offers field trips, spelling bees, geography bees, 4H club, and other activities and events.
Support for Home Educators and Resources in Dover (SHERD)
This is a secular homeschool group centered in the Kent County area, but open to those in the surronding areas. Offers support, information, activities, and more.
Tri-State Homeschool Network
Tri-State Homeschool Network is a support group that serves the northern Delaware, northeastern Maryland, southwestern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania region. Their purpose is to further the cause of homeschooling, with emphasis from the viewpoint of Christian families.

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